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How to Change Your Own Oil (Easy)

Posted by eToolsCity on

Want to change your own oil but don't know how to? Don't fret! This article will guide you step by step! Instead of paying $30 and upwards for an oil change every 3000-5000 miles, invest in some trusty oil change tools and start changing your own oil!

First, refer to your car owner's manual to figure out which oil and oil filter you need. Then, you'll need to get some simple supplies, including an oil drain pan, funnel, newspapers for easy clean-up, and jacks/jack-stands if your car is too low for you to crawl under.

The process to changing your oil is very simple. Basically, you will be draining the engine of the old oil, replacing the old oil filter with a new one, then pouring the new oil. Now to do it safely and properly:

If your car is too low for you to crawl under, you'll need to jack up your car, then place jackstands using the car frame as supports. Make sure your parking brake is set. Line floor with newspapers or trash bags to prevent staining the surface.

Locate the oil filter after consulting your individual car's manual, then place the drain pan underneath. Proceed to unscrew the oil filter, and let the oil drain for a few minutes.

Screw on the new oil filter, then open the engine oil compartment and pour the correct amount of new oil in.

Lower car back to ground by using jack, then let the engine run for a few minutes.

Don't forget to recycle used oil at your local auto-parts store!

See? Changing your oil is that easy! Anyone can do it :)

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